The Crew

The Crew

We are a Finnish couple sailing the Baltic Sea on our 25 foot boat on weekends and holidays. But we dream of a Big Voyage, a Big Ocean – and a bigger boat with a compass that only shows the way south.

Far enough south so we can lose a few layers of clothing.

And far enough south for the water to turn from a severe shade of grey into a playful turquoise.

But until then… Join our small adventures – to Estonia in 2016 and the Åland islands and the Archipelago Sea in 2017 – as we gain sailing experience and (hopefully) knowledge and confidence while waiting for the moment to take that big plunge.

Here’s a little bit about how our sailing dream began…

… and here’s about the philosophy behind the seemingly irrational choice of a boat and sailing grounds in terms of making that dream a reality…

… and here’s the most photogenic member of our crew who will lend his face to our lot for the time being – because he can’t refuse!