The Crew

The Crew

We are a Finnish couple who bought a 25 foot boat to sail the Baltic Sea, and made summer sailing adventures to Estonia in 2016 and the Åland islands and the Archipelago Sea in 2017. But all that time we were dreaming of a Big Voyage. 

Our journey began in the summer of 2018. We now have a bigger boat – a Stevens Custom 40 by the name of s/y Aina.

Both of us – Inka, forty-something, and Jorma, fifty-something – are skippers of our boat. The method has been tried and tested for a couple of summers, and it seems to work. Whoever has the helm will be in charge, and the other will obey. We plan the routes together and have extensive negotiations before making any big decisions. As the chef, Jorma is much more skilled and ambitious, while Inka likes all sorts of courses and qualifications, as well as photographing and writing this blog.

Still with us during our dog watches is our precious Sisu, who at the respectable age of 12, without prior experience, proved himself an able bodied and spirited sailor. He embarked on his own great adventure in the spring of 2018 at the age of 14.

We will head south – following a compass heading of 180°, as the name of this blog has implied from the beginning – and hopefully end up in the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands or where ever the water is turquoise and warm. Where our journey continues from there, time will tell. The possibilities are endless!

Here’s a little bit about how our sailing dream began…

… and here’s how we turned the dreams into reality!

Read about books, blogs, vlogs and more that inspired us!

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