The journey has begun!

The journey has begun!


On August 15th, a beautiful Monday, it was finally time to cast the lines and head off into the blue! We had motored west from our home marina the previous day in no wind at all. But at first light on Monday morning there was a steady breeze from the west, meaning a good beam reach – the kind of wind our boat loves the best. And so we were on our way – heading south!

A couple of hours later the Finnish coastline had disappeared beyond the northern horizon and we felt free as birds in the middle of the sea.

A couple more hours later the southern coastline started to shimmer in the distance. No, not some exotic tropical coastline, since it obviously was not that far from where we left – it was the coast of our friendly and beautiful neighbour Estonia! But it was a big step for us, and with the way our boat handled in the moderate wind and some waves gave us great confidence in her.

Three weeks of freedom ahead of us, and it felt good to be on our way!

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