Minimalist Sailing Adventure – Another Lockdown Winter in Greece

Minimalist Sailing Adventure – Another Lockdown Winter in Greece

Sailboat Aina’s crew is still floating in Greece. No worries – we haven’t accidentally sailed over the world’s edge, or been swallowed by a whirlpool, or even poisoned by the fumes of the Mount Parnassos that used to inspire the oracle at Delphi. But the strict lockdown that has lasted for more than six months has had its effect on my writing inspiration.

Today is not much different from yesterday or tomorrow. We can leave our home for a valid reason – luckily exercise is considered just as valid as going to the supermarket. And we’ve had plenty of it! Daily walks and occasional bike rides have been a great enjoyment. The surroundings of the pretty village of Galaxidi have plenty to offer: rustic houses, fragrant pine forests and rocky hills, with a magnificent backdrop of water and mountains. But it was hard to see the beautiful snow on Mount Parnassos, and not be able to go skiing!

Snow on the mount Parnassos, seen from the hills of Galaxidi

Our life aboard has mainly consisted of cooking, reading, and watching Netflix these past six months. And of different personal development projects – how to control your mind, predominantly! Extreme adventures are overrated, it’s all about subtle variation these days. There’s no point in rebelling against the situation, or stressing about it, either. And, all things considered, we’re doing fine. We have a safe, comfortable life in a small village, far from the worst covid hubs of Greece. We just try to follow the rules, and hope that things will improve – that’s all anyone, anywhere, can do.


Fortunately, there is light at the end of the tunnel. It’s possible that we might be released around mid May, along with other pleasure boats, and finally begin our sailing season. We will know more in a week or two. It’s difficult to make any plans for the summer, but that’s okay. There’s so much to see in every direction. Our biggest hopes for the summer are about people: friends, family, cruising colleagues, that we have been missing for so long. To meet in person, finally – that would be the biggest happiness and joy for us!

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