Photo Gallery | Greece 2020-2022

Photo Gallery | Greece 2020-2022

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We spent the winter 2019-2020 in Messolonghi until the end of May, when the covid lockdown finally ended. Read about the cruising sailor’s corona spring in Greece here.

Messolonghi, Greece 2019-2020

After the lockdown, it was time for us to move towards Lefkas and the boatyard. On our way we stopped in the beautiful Meganisi anchorages – more about them in this blog post! 

Meganisi, May-June 2020

If you feel like reading about gruesome boat projects we completed in the summer 2020, start here! After our efforts at the boatyard it was time to launch the boat at the end of July – more in this post!

Nidri, Lefkas, June-July 2020

Our summer journey of 2020 began by going through the Lefkas channel, northbound. We ended up in the Ambracian Gulf, the town of Vonitsa and nice anchorages – more about them in this blog post! 

Lefkas Channel, August 2020

Ambracian Gulf, August 2020

Parga town, August 2020. More about the pretty town and handsome castle in this post! 

Korfu, August-September 2020. More about our visit to Corfu Town in this blog post!

Paxos, September 2020 – our first stop was the bay of Lakka. Read more about the Paxos visit in this blog post!

Then we rounded the island and saw the Blue cave, before ending up in Mongonissi.

We also visited Gaios, the main town of Paxos.

Two Rock Bay was our favourite anchorage. We stopped there on several occasions during the summer 2020.

Next, we headed to the Gulf of Corinth for an autumn cruise. It ended abruptly in Galaxidi, when another lockdown started. We ended up staying there the whole winter 2020-21.

In the spring 2021 the lockdown was over and we sailed back to the Ionian. First, we did some road tripping in familiar Lefkas.

Then we sailed to Kalamos and Kastos.

Next, Ithaca and Kefalonia.

And still further south, to Zakinthos.

In July 2021 we hopped over the Peloponnese.

We had autumn adventures in the Saronic Gulf, first in Poros and Ancient Epidavros.

Aegina had a great temple.

Next, we sailed to the Cyclades, the most famous Aegean islands. First of them was Paros.

After that, we visited Naxos.

We saw the most sacred Greek island, Delos, which is full of temples.

We spent a windy week on Mykonos, the most touristy of the Greek islands.