Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Most of the photo galleries collected on this page have been published in our blog posts. A few may only appear here. To see bigger pictures, click any of the thumbnails and and use < and > buttons to move in the galleries.

Binic-Etables-sur-Mer, Brittany, France, January-February 2019

Read more about our winter base in Brittany in this blog post.

Binic-Etables-sur-Mer, Brittany, France, November-December 2018

Read more about the last leg of 2018 and our winter base in Binic.

Boulogne-sur-Mer, France, November 2018

Willemstad, the Netherlands, October 2018

This blog entry is about Willemstad and the canal adventure in Holland,

Canals of Holland, October 2018

Haarlem, the Netherlands, October 2018

Read this blog about our Haarlem detour.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, October 2018

More about our dinghy adventures in Amsterdam in this blog.

IJsselmeer and Markermeer, the Netherlands, October 2018

More about inland waterways in the Netherlands here.

Borkum, Germany, October 2018

This blog is about our Borkum beach holiday.

Helgoland, Germany, September-October 2018

More about windy Helgoland in this blog.

Kiel Canal, Germany, September 2018

Read about our transit from the Baltic to the North Sea in this blog.

German Classics, Kiel, Germany, August 2018

We got to see these beauties up close in Kiel – read more here.

Kiel, Germany, July-September 2018

We spent the whole summer in Kiel, more about that here.

Bornholm, Denmark, July 2018

Read more about our sail from Poland to Germany here.

Gdansk, Poland, June-July 2018

Gdansk was the first stop along our great sailing journey – more about it here.

Malbork, Poland, July 2018

More about the Malbork castle in this blog post.

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