The Boat

The Boat

Until we have time to update this page you can read about our new, bigger boat in this blog post!

The BlueBird 25 was drawn by the famous Sparkman & Stephens and built in Turku, Finland, in 1972. She’s an IOR quarter tonner sometimes described as “the world’s smallest offshore sailboat”. The same model was produced in Canada under the name North Star 500 – see technical specs at

She’s a sturdy little boat with a moderate sail area, and heavy and beamy in a way that makes her a very well behaved elderly lady in all kinds of weather.

She bears some family resemblance to her more famous contemporaries, the early Swans, but this tiny classic offers somewhat less luxury in space and comfort. However, there is ample headroom while sitting down in the salon, and the unusual but clever galley & head combination at the bow keeps us agile while cooking underway.

We’ve often heard that a suitable length for a boat would be the wife’s age in feet. In our case that would result in an ocean cruiser of considerable size, but as it was the wife herself who chose the boat, surely she can lie about her age just a little, don’t you think?