The Winds – They Are a’Changin!

The Winds – They Are a’Changin!

When we bought our little boat two summers ago, it was for a very specific purpose. As I’ve said before, it was not merely to enjoy the Baltic archipelago during weekends and summer holidays – all that just came as a bonus. We wanted to learn to sail on a small boat first, before making any hasty and espensive mistakes. More than anything we wanted to find out whether we would really like sailing and not just the idea of sailing and memories of long ago.

And our little boat did just what she was meant to do. She taught us to sail, to feel confident enough in every sort of weather that we encountered during these two summers. She was indeed a big boat in a small package, and would proudly stand up to a blow in a way we could never have expected. She showed us all the excitement and thrill of sailing in great winds, and we just love, love, love sailing!

With her modest accommodations and few luxuries she made us learn many things about ourselves – that we weren’t getting on each other’s nerves in that little space, and that we didn’t particularly miss all the comforts of home – apart from the sauna from time to time, which must be some sort of a genetic thing that can’t really be helped. Our boat also showed us that we work great together as a crew, despite both of us being skippers. All of these things might have been hard or impossible to find out during a week or two of bareboat charter, especially in a warm place with turquoise water.

As we were heading back home from our great summer trip at the end of July, we were feeling a little melancholy. We already knew this would be the last summer holiday on our little boat, and despite all the love we had for her, we would put her up for sale as soon as we’d reach our home marina. We could already feel the first rumblings of a Big Change that was about to happen. Nothing could be seen yet, but there was something lurking just beoynd the horizon.

Now, many months later, with Christmas just around the corner, the Big Change has already begun. We have made some big decisions, and taken the first big steps towards the next chapter of our lives. What that chapter is about, time will tell. We have all winter to make plans and prepare – and I will keep writing about it all along. I won’t unravel the mystery just yet, but sailing will be a big part of it, that much at least is certain!

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  1. And you shall, soon! It feels more real now that it’s out there in writing – and now that someone has actually read it!

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