Wishing You a Peaceful Christmas 2020!

Wishing You a Peaceful Christmas 2020!

The crew of sailboat Aina wishes all of our readers a cosy, warm, peaceful Christmas! We will celebrate ours in the pretty town of Galaxidi, Greece – just the two of us, at home in our safe little nest. The lockdown will continue in Greece until early January, at least, so I guess we’ll not potter too far from home. Maybe we’ll cook something resembling traditional Finnish Christmas dishes, and enjoy long walks along the hills and pine forests, and the views over the sea and mountains.

Fortunately the weather is still warm enough to hike in flip flops. They are the only kind of shoes we currently own! You can’t get shoes or winter clothes anywhere because the shops are closed. This strange year certainly has brought some very strange problems with it! I guess we’re all hoping that next year will be a little bit more normal, right? We miss our near and dear ones so much. Our greatest Christmas wish is to be able to see them and spend time with them next year.

We want to thank everyone who followed our blog this year – there’s even more of you now than last year! Especially during an exceptional time like this, with very few human contacts, it feels wonderful to know there are people, not just in our homeland, but in many different countries, following our sailing journey. Check out our Facebook page as well, and leave a comment there. Maybe you want to know more about something or tell us your own opinion! You’ll also find more up-to-date info about our travels there.

The photos in this post are precious finds from obscure history: gingerbread houses I used to build many years ago. Looking at the photos I observed that seaside landscapes and boats already appealed to me back then!

Happy Holidays!

s/y Aina, Inka & Jorma

2 thoughts on “Wishing You a Peaceful Christmas 2020!

    1. Merry Christmas Susie & Kevin! Thank you for your wishes, sending lots of sun to you from Greece – locked down as well! Happy New Year to you both and hope to see you in the Ionian next summer!?

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