Easy sailing

Easy sailing

The third member of our crew will have the honour of starting this very first post of our very first blog. When it comes to sailing, one of us at least has the right attitude!

I will occasionally write posts in English – not necessarily exact translations of my Finnish posts. Because who knows, maybe there are people out there who like to hear about sailing a small boat in the Baltic Sea.

I’m not one of those people, I prefer big boats in the Caribbean, the Pacific or one of those places. But you have to start somewhere.

Whenever we sail out of our home port, we always follow the compass heading of 180°. Due south, that is, and usually it’s a Friday night. Unfortunately, on Sunday night we have to sail back north again, tie our boat to the pier, and return to our ordinary life.

It’s a curious thought, however, to keep going south, and not turn back…

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    1. Yes, he’s way ahead of us! With his paws on firm ground he’s a complitely different animal, though!

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