A Room with a View

A Room with a View

We have spent a few beautiful days by the Ocean. The Atlantic. It’s not tropical or warm where we are – it’s still winter in most of Europe, and the Atlantic coast of Portugal is no exception. But it’s a lot warmer than back home, and the water… well, it’s a totally different colour!

We have seen some sailboats in the distance, travelling across the horizon as we watched them from the beach, or from our roof terrace that has the most amazing view over the ocean you could imagine.

And I just love the ocean. I love to watch how it changes the whole time – no two minutes are the same, no two waves are ever the same. It can be beautiful and calm, and it can be angry and scary. I love to fall asleep and wake up to the sound of the waves. More than anything, I would love to travel the ocean, not just look at it from a safe spot on the shore. One day we will! 

Somehow our plans for the summer sailing trips seem so humble and insignificant now, compared to the vastness of the ocean. But I’m sure we’ll get over it as soon as we start working on our little lady. And to put things back in perspective, she’s a very small and humble boat, so maybe – just maybe – the Baltic will do for the summer.

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