All Good Things

All Good Things

All good things must come to an end… right?

That’s how it feels now, it can’t really be helped. It’s the time of the year again when there’s not enough daylight to tell the difference between day and night. The time when rain keeps falling down in liquid and solid forms and everything in between. The boats are up on the hard, wrapped in tarps, and people are wrapped in wool and Gore-Tex. Only a few months ago everything was different… Except we were mostly wrapped in wool and Gore-Tex then, too. Looking back it’s hard to remember such minor details. In the pictures it all looks sunny and nice.

At the end of July our summer holiday was drawing to a close. Well, just my holiday, really. I would be getting off the boat in just a few days, and a friend of ours would be joining my husband for the final leg back home. And that was fine by me. I had sailed the same way before, I knew it all too well. I’ve never liked the last days of a trip, and I’ve never liked to follow my own tracks back to where I started. The best time to leave the party is when you’re still having fun!

I was having fun here in the Archipelago Sea. Every day seemed warmer and more beautiful than the one before. The seas were calm, and white fluffy clouds were reflected in the water. We found a quiet little island, where we could walk in the meadows and pastures and past old fishermen’s cottages, with no one else around. In the evening a couple of other boats would tie up to the old pier next to us, and we would enjoy a few words of conversation.

We also endulged briefly in some marina life for one last time, as we were having trouble with our electrical power, and decided to make a short stop in the harbour of Nauvo to try and find a new battery. While shopping in town, dark thunder clouds gathered over the marina, and the short stop turned into an overnight stay. Oh well, I’m always up for a sauna, and you can count on finding one in every harbour in Finland – if not several. And we found a church, which by now was not a surprise either. We also found the new battery, so our mission turned out to be a very successful one, in many different fronts.

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