Binic, in Rain or Shine!

Binic, in Rain or Shine!

What a great time we had back in the homeland! Six weeks of celebrations – Christmas, New Year, meeting many of our old friends, neighbours and many members of our family. Those six weeks were packed with activity and socializing! It could have been overwhelming, after all, we had spent the preceding six months exclusively in each other’s company. But it felt great! Either we managed to infect our close ones with our cruising zen, or people just happened to be in their hibernating mode.

But how great it was to return to our home, too – back to our beautiful boat s/y Aina, in the little town of Binic. After all, this boat is our only home, and for some reason we both feel more at home on our boat than we have felt in many of the houses we’ve lived in. Boats have more character than most houses, and that’s why they feel more like creatures than lifeless objects. It’s like living in the belly of a big, friendly whale, very tight and intimate, but cosy and safe.

We got to enjoy a proper Finnish winter with very pretty, snowy landscapes and reasonably chilly weather. As soon as we left, it started pouring record breaking amounts of snow and got extremely cold. It was a close escape, but it looks like we’ll get our share of cold here, Brittany style. The end of January was cool and very wet. There were daily showers, but we managed to go on nice walks or bike rides during the short intervals. So far February is looking better, with sunny skies and even some warmth in the sunlight, if you can find a spot where the wind can’t reach you. I’m beginning to understand why weather talk is so popular among people who live on the shores of the English Channel!

When it rains, we gather around the campfire, which in our boat can be found in the form of a diesel heater. In addition to that, we have bought a couple of small electric radiators, because we are plugged in for the winter in a marina. After many, many years of leading a way too busy life, we now have time to read books, play cards, talk, and listen to music. I have taken up an old hobby of mine, drawing and watercolour painting. I’m still in the practicing stages after letting my skills get all rusty, but who knows what will come of it as time passes.

Perhaps next week we will begin to venture beyond our home town Binic, and its surrounding villages. We’ll grab our folding bikes and hop on a bus or a train, and see all the wonders that Brittany offers.

Local knowledge is priceless, and I’m happy to have made a local acquaintance – but more about that a little later. Then there’s rumors of visitors coming to see us from the homeland. We are really looking forward to some serious sight seeing with them. For now, enjoy the views of pretty Binic, Baie de Saint-Brieuc, Bretagne, France!

More photos of Binic, our winter home, can be found in our Photo Gallery!

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