Nidri, Lefkas – and more waiting!

Nidri, Lefkas – and more waiting!

After a very long winter and lockdown, we finally began our sailing season in mid-May. But the waiting wasn’t over yet. We sailed to Messolonghi for our first covid vaccination dose and had to wait there for a week and a half. The time was spent catching up with friends we had gotten to know during our stay here in winter 2019-2020. After the first jabs, we weighed anchor and sailed to Lefkas, another place that felt a bit too familiar from the previous year (hot summer months working on a boatyard aren’t easy to forget). We tried to change our second vaccination to the hospital in Lefkada, but without success. So we waited some more in Nidri, and in mid-June, we rented a car and drove back to Messolonghi for the jabs. Now the only thing we still had to wait for was the vaccination certificates, and then we would be ready to roam the islands at our leisure.

A small church of Agia Kiriaki opposite Nidri

Near the church, there is a grave of archaeologist Wilhelm Dörpfeld (1853-1940). He performed many excavations in Greece and believed Odysseus’ Ithaca was actually Lefkas.

The time we spent waiting in Lefkas wasn’t boring at all, though. We found a Finnish sailor in the anchorage, as well as a nice young Swedish couple. We also did a bit of touring around the area on our rental car, and I (Inka) trained as a PADI Open Water Diver in a nearby Lefkas Diving Center. So now I’m officially qualified to scrape our boat’s bottom and propeller – but I also found out that even the Mediterranean underwater world is a place full of beauty and wonder. What it lacks in exotic fishes and corals it makes up in historic and archaeological sites. We’ll see how many we’ll get to experience this summer!

A rare sight: two Finnish boats in Tranquil Bay
Lefkas Diving Center is in Nikiana, north of Nidri. Aina anchored in front of the Nikiana harbour.

Our rental car was a small four-by-four, so naturally, we had to test its offroad capabilities. It did fine on the mountain roads above Nidri, and the views were magnificent despite the somewhat cloudy weather.

Church of Agios Georgios

A beautiful waterfall of Dimossari is situated close to Nidri, above a small village of Rachi. A footpath takes you from the parking lot through a lush forest, full of little trickles of water everywhere. There had been a little bit of rain just before, and it felt like walking in a rainforest. At the end of the winding path, stairs and bridges the waterfall was finally visible, although you could hear it from a long distance. It’s about 15 metres high and falls into a small pond. It’s great for swimming if you’re fond of ice-cold water! I’m not, but I still regretted not bringing a swimsuit!

A heatwave hit Greece during the second half of June. Tranquil Bay in Nidri was getting too hot. Time to change the scenery!

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    1. That’s wonderful to hear, welcome! Enjoy your time sailing – will you & Temptress head back home now? We’ll be making our way around the Peloponnese, slow and steady!

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